Dolly Buster : Retro lesbian porn tube

Dolly Buster : Retro lesbian porn tube

Name: Dreamland

Director: Dino

Duration: 87 min

Language: German

Country: Germany

Year: 1992

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Actors: Yves Baillat,Alain L’Yle,Joey Murphy,Eric Benson

Actress: Dolly Buster,Suraya Jamal

Dolly Buster : Retro lesbian porn tube

Alone in a dreamland somewhere in souther Europe lives Dolly Buster alone with her dreams. And she lives her dreams. Exessive and without limits. Two dildos launch the firework in her already hot holes… and then the trip begins with hardcore anal action, lesbian orgies, double penetrations and addictive cum fountains… in Dolly’s dreamland is no space for soft dremers…


Retro lesbian porn tube : “Ginger And Spice”

Name: Ginger And Spice

Duration: 140 min

Language: English

Year: 1986

Country: United States

Director: Henri Pachard

Actors: Peter North,Joey Silvera,Jamie Gillis,Hershel Savage,Henri Pachard

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Actress: Ginger Lynn,Nikki Charm,Barbara Dare,Lois Ayers

Vivid presents "Ginger And Spice". When she was good, she was good. When she was bad, she was famous. Ginger is a Sex Radio Host and she believes she has been giving good advice thus far, until she receives threats from an anonymous caller. She is paranoid and relies on all of her friends to protect her.


Retro lesbian porn tube in “Pleasures of Innocence”

Name: Pleasures of Innocence

Year: 1984

Director: Larry Revene

Duration: 84 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Angel,Honey Wilder,Sharon Kane,Tish Ambrose,Carol Cross,Tanya Lawson,Robin Everett,Ann Bardot

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Actors: John Leslie,Eric Edwards,Robert Bolla,George Payne,David Ruby,Alan Adrian

Face with losing their jobs to an exotic New York stripper, Cindy and Candy seduce their boss and steal the new stripper’s contract. Armed with this valuable information, the girls leave Iowa for the Big Apple to seek their fortunes. Once in the city, the girls are more than happy to accommodate the agents, photographers, and other characters who are constantly trying to get into the girls’ panties. In time, the small town go-go dancers are transformed into high-class strippers who proceed to take the town by storm! Upbeat humor, ten sizzling sex scenes, and some of the most beautiful newcomers in the business make this one scorcher you won’t want to miss.


Retro lesbian porn tube – “Desire For Men”

Name: Desire For Men

Language: English

Duration: 76 min

Director: Carol Connors

Country: United States

Year: 1981

Actress: Erica Boyer,Serena,Nicole Black,Misty Regan,Carol Connors,Long Jean Silver,Mimi Goode,Laura Shawn,Darlene Mead

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Retro lesbian porn tube : “Intercourse With The Vampire”

Name: Intercourse With The Vampire

Director: Paul Norman

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1994

Duration: 75 min

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Buck Adams,Alex Sanders,Gerry Pike

Actress: Nicole London,Tammi Ann,Kimberly Chambers,Christina Angel,Vixxen,Tara Monroe,Selina St. Clair

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Imagine what it would be likeito be alive forever. To never grow old…ito be forever young, forever hard, forever ready. To haveia life full of unimaginable erotic sensations…ito have any woman you want, whenever you want her,iin any way you please. To make loveito an endless array of beautiful, willing women forever andiever. Is itia dream? A fantasy? It’s all this andimore…he’s here.


Jacqueline Lorains movies : “Anna Ventura — Ultra 80s Glamour Slut”

Name: Anna Ventura — Ultra 80s Glamour Slut

Duration: 97 min

Year: 1980


Language: English

Country: United States


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Actress: Jacqueline Lorains,Anna Ventura

Anna Ventura is one of the true anomalies of porn. Beautiful (and busty) enough to be a legit model or actress (she did show up in Hustler and other big name men’s magazines), yet she chose to work in XXX. You may wonder why, until you see her drop her panties and desperately spread her legs while she sucks cock with sperm running down her chin! She just truly loved to fuck, as shown here in rare loops like Mouth Job, Cram Party, and select scenes from her feature film career!